Welcome to Career and Business Office for language courses, namely ENGLISH, GERMAN, CHINESE, TURKISH and FRENCH languages (all levels), developed by Zhetysu state university named after I. Zhansugurov. We also have IELTS, Test DAF perpetration courses. Address: Taldykorgan, 187 (a) Zhansugurov St, room 208. Contact Tel: 8 (7282) 22 -05 -89, 8 702 47-47-568. For complete, up-to-date course information please see

Strategic objective is the commercialization of scientific and technological activities of scientists and coordination of research professors, doctoral, masters and students, aimed at obtaining new knowledge about the laws of nature, society, human rights and motivating to technological, economic, social and cultural development of Kazakhstan  and  Almaty region.

Office objectives:

  1. Ensuring the integration of science and education;
  2. Maximum use of the scientific potential of the university to improve the quality of teaching;
  3. Searching  and evaluation of technologies for commercialization;
  4. Providing with the informationalsupport for scientistsin the field of technology commercialization;
  5. Providing with the  advisory services in the field of IP protection;
  6. Developing of the strategy of technology commercialization;
  7. Holding the informationalactivity in the field ofpromotingthe idea of ​​technology commercialization at the university;
  8. The organization and monitoring of the development of substantiation of project concepts;
  9. Support innovative projects for further commercialization.

The main activities of the office:

  • Search, analysis, selection and promotion of competitive commercially promising scientific developments;
  • The creation and management of innovative infrastructure for technology commercialization of the university scientists in the educational sphere of the university and the region's economy;
  • Providing with the protection of intellectual property, licensing, consulting;
  • Implementation of the activities aimed at identifying and supporting talented researchers, promoting the creative growth of young scientists;
  • Consultation of teachers, doctoral, masters and students in the development of research projects;  
  • Organization of participation in international, national and regional competitions to get  grants for  holding the scientific research work;
  • The expansion of relations  between science and industry, participating in innovative activities in the implementation of science and technology, promoting the development of knowledge-intensive industries Almaty region;
  • Holding the international, national, regional scientific conferences and publications.


STRATEGIC AIM – integration into the world educational and scientific space


1.    Establishment and development of international cooperation with foreign partners within academic mobility of students and professional and teaching staff and two-diploma education

2.    Assistance in systematic participation of workers and students of ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov in international programs.

3.    Formation of mechanisms of academic mobility, improving effectiveness of research, improving management system.

4.    Development and consolidation academic exchanges with leading universities of Kazakhstan.

Main directions of the sector of academic mobility and external affairs work:

- Development of cooperation with universities and scientific centers of Kazakhstan, countries of far and near abroad;

- Realization of external and internal academic mobility;

- Efforts to attract foreign scientists for lecturing and organization of joint researches;

- Adoption of the program of two-diploma education

Viktoriya Sharova

Master of Pedagogy science

Chief of the sector

Dina Danlybayeva

Master of pedagogy and psychology


Meruyert Zhussupova

Master of economic sciences


E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Telephone: +7 (7282) 22-04-37, (inner: 1157).

Address: 040009, Taldykorgan, 187 I.Zhansugurov st.

Head of the Officeof Career and Business:Tinistanov Sembay Demeyevich    e-mail. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it         тел:22-25-42, доп: 1166

The main purpose  of the department:

- Engaging pedagogical staff, departments, chairs, and students to actively participate in science-based system of measures for professional orientation of young people, bringing the educational needs of students in line with the labor market on the basis of a student-centered approach and the creation of conditions for the formation of sound professional and educational plans.

- Promoting effective employment of ZhSU graduates through vocational guidance, providing information on the labor market and employment prospects, establishing long-term partnership with the University alumni, enterprises, organizations and other employers.

-Organizing and conducting courses to the specialists of organizations and  institutions of a city and region, who want to get  extra seminars in the field of law, economy, tax and pedagogical directions. Increasing linguistic culture of citizens. To organize prepcourses   for those, who are entering to the university. 

The objectives of the office, focused on the following:

- Organization and coordination of career guidance to educational institutions of secondary education.

- Organization of preparatory training for high school students in general subjects;

- Promoting employment of university graduates;

- Formation of contractual relations with employers on employment;

- Adaptation of young professionals to the labor market;

- Providing services to educational institutions and organizations on the personnel selection.

-Language training for admission to master's and doctoral program for postgraduate education;
-Establishment of regulatory and methodological base  of training entrepreneurs on legal, economic, accounting, audit and other issues.

Directions of the office of career and business 

 For career-oriented work

- Organizes and conducts jointly with faculties and departments of ZhSU career guidance activities on professional orientation of students, including visiting informational lectures in schools of Almaty region;

- Concludes agreements on cooperation with regional, city and district education departments with the purpose of organizing and conducting site field of career guidance activities in area schools , information about the departments and specialties of the university, as well as assist in the professional self-determination, in order to attract graduates for university, attracting pupils of the region to actively participate in "Open Days" scientific conferences "Start in science", "Step into the Future", etc.; organization and conduction of targeted workshops, subject competitions, in educational institutions with the involvement of educators;

- Familiarity of students with the multilevel structure in university education (meeting at the university, conducting pilot testing, the organization and conduct of the web game "ZhSU is my dream").

- With the aim of carrying out a clear career guidance on the established areas of work plans career-oriented activities of the university.

- Together with the sector of image policy and with the printing press of ZhSU organizes career guidance information booklets and newspapers "For the entrant" to provide full information about the applicants university admissions, faculties and specialties.

 Promoting employment of graduates

- Constant interaction with organizations, city, region and district administrations, educational institutions, youth organizations on employment of graduates;

- Organization and holding "Job Fair", "Open Day";

- Direction of graduates to work at the request of employers admitted to the department;

- Analysis of the needs of Almaty region in ZhSU graduates;

- Participation in work on the collection of information on vacancies for graduates;

- Carrying out together with employers professions presentations, seminars and conferences;

- Batch of production jobs on the area from the websites and publications.

 Pre-university training

- Preparation of information materials, stand for pre-university training;

- Organization of students admission to the preliminary and courses;

- Organization of training sessions at the preparatory department and courses, quality control and methodological support;

- Leading the development and plans implementation of training programs for listeners of training courses;

- Organizes the creation of scientific - methodical and educational support of the educational process of training courses;

- Directs the drafting schedule training sessions, and exercises control over its performance for listeners of preparatory courses.

- Organizes the supervision of independent work of students, individual implementation of vocational training programs;

- Carries out jointly with the heads of departments recruitment of faculty for teaching staff on training courses.

 Pre-university training

- organizing  the language courses;  Running preparations courses  for international tests, namely  IELTS, TestDaF,  HSK;  and professional courses (training, seminars and classes subject, dealing with  legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan)- Preparing the application for the purchase of necessary educational literatures for the language courses;
- Exercising  recruitment on choosing pedagogical  staff, who are going to run prep courses based on the contract;
- Carrying out of advertisement; 
- Giving a brief introduction to  language courses- Organizing  and carrying out the adaptation week for special groups;
- Organizing  language prep courses for admission master's and doctoral studies;- Sorting  out the groups according to the level of  listeners;  
- Awarding  a certificate to the listeners, at the end of each level;
- Inviting the special groups and other learners to   English Club;- Organizing  summer schools for special groups;
- Establishing links with local authorities;
- Making contracts with corporate clients;
- Conducting  permanent monitoring of the courses.

Career oriented event was held in ZhSu, named after I. Zhansugurov on Tuesday, 23 September, 2014.  It was focused on modern career oriented issues. At the very beginning of the day there was meeting, dealing with scientific and practical conference.  The second part of the event was devoted to the trainings for pupils on topic “Me and my profession”.

Цель проведения научно-практической конференции: обсуждение современных задач, связанных с профориентацией школьников в свете инновационного развития Казахстана.

The purpose of the conference is discussing contemporary tasks, referring to the direction that a secondary school  student faces, career –wise, what influences him or her   throughout his or her life.

There were several speakers, discussing actual issues on the topic. ActingFirst vice-chancellor – vice-chancellor on educational-and-methodical work  Maltekbasov M.Zh. started his speech on emphasizing the role of career oriented work by saying that “in case carrier oriented work starts not on time, then the consequences might end up with negative outcomes”. And he gave several ways of solutions by saying somecomprehensive measures. Next reporter was Phd in Law, Kazakh language lecturer Rakhimova A.M.

Participants of the conference were especially interested in report of “Financial Center”, presented by Shankozov N.R. He  has told the audience the possibilities of public education funded system for vocational and high education.

Representatives of “Nur Bagdar” Sabur Aisha and Mambeeva J.S. have made presentations concerning the following issues: "The actuality of the modern career guidance," "The role of market economy in choosing future profession”, “Opportunities and outcomes of modern diagnostics instruments”, “Proforientator.KZ and Profkarera. What does good promotion mean?” “ Contemporaryapproachesof  career-orientedwork.

The theme discovers career oriented works as Kazakhstan, Russia and all over the world  experiences. Nur Bagdar has also shared their methodical experiences.

The purpose of seminar training on topic “Me and my profession” to the secondary school students is to give guidance to their (students) future profession through new interactive methods of teaching.

Seminar training was held in five groups. Alumni Psychologists of Turan were in charge with these groups. As the result  secondary school students were engaged in activities in groups, then they were able to figure out their some long term and short term goals.  


Director of registrar and information-and-technical support office

Kydyrbayeva Galiya Turysbayevna

Candidate of pedagogy

Tel.:    8 728 222 20 28

 8 728 222 21 23    add. 1178.

  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Aims of the office activity: 

  1. The introduction of new information and communication technologies to automate the educational process and the management of the University.
  2. Providing quality accounting and movements of students, the formation of individual trajectories and control of educational achievements.

Main objectives of the office:

  • implementation of the credit education technology;
  • formation and analysis of the contingent of students of the University;
  • preparation of statistical reports on the contingent of students;
  • separation of the learning process and the knowledge evaluation process;
  • registration of history of academic achievements of students;
  • organization of all types of knowledge control;
  • calculation of the academic rating of students;
  • conduct of interim and final evaluation of students;
  • maintaining academic records and management of accumulated estimates and credits information;
  • introduction of the latest achievements in the field of information technology in the educational process;
  • construction of a network of advice and technical support;
  • study of the most promising areas of application of e-learning materials in the university;
  • software and technical equipment of the priority educational-and-research areas of the University for the development and implementation of multimedia, networking, telecommunications and other advanced information technologies;
  • ensuring reliable operation of computer and organizational machinery in the educational process;
  • ensuring stable operation of the LAN and the network connection to the Internet;
  • maintenance and elimination of breakages of organizational machinery within its
  • competence;
  • support of purchased and installed software.
  • development of all types of education records;

 Areas of activity of registrar and information-and-technical support office:

  • Accounting and movement of students.
  • Registration ofdisciplines.
  • Monitoring of academic achievements of students.
  • Storage of academic records.
  • Information-and-technical support of the university.
  • Software of the educational process.
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of information technology of the University.

Office structure:

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